Asset & Facilities Management Services

Asset Management

We work with Motels, Hotels & Management Rights owners to ensure your investment is managed effectively and operated to reach its full potential.

Our solutions and strategies models are designed to deliver the best financial outcome for our partners. We believe in what we do, and we do it with professional and calculated consideration. We tailor our strategies

We have been helping businesses like yours achieve first-class results, we know your industry, we know your market, and we have the expertise you need.

We are hands on. We have put our theory into practice our strategies to experience phenomenal growth and longevity within the industry across many businesses.

Our Asset Management Services package includes:

Facilities Management

Emerge Management are the experienced and passionate industry experts, specialising in residential accommodation complexes including retail and carpark lots. We are the innovative thinkers of the industry & we share our knowledge & expertise to offer the full management solution to deliver a seamless and flexible service to our clients.

Emerge Management is the provider of choice for mastering organisational problem solving and we are specialists at conflict resolution. Our unique ability to adapt our services due to our team’s broad experience within project and facilities management allows us to offer a proactive approach toward the role.

We tailor our services to the requirements of the project ensuring that we not only fulfil the essential responsibilities but aim to provide greater efficiency to the entire physical and technical infrastructure.

Emerge Management offer the following Facility Management services:

Resolution Management

The management of a Hotel, Motel or Management Rights business demands the skills of a highly professional operator or organisation to fulfil the commitments within the agreement to either a Body Corporate or Landlord.

There are many factors that can contribute to both parties’ expectations becoming divided. The result of failure to come to a resolution during this time can be detrimental to both parties if not handled effectively. We provide a non-bias forensic analysis representation to establish the challenges within. We will tailor a proactive solution so that a desired outcome is reached for yourself first and foremost, but also as importantly, your Corporate Bodies or landlord. This way we can most confidently expect each party to move forward together in the same direction with similar goals.

If you need our help, contact us to schedule a time for us to discuss how we can help you.

Financial Reporting

The importance of financial budgeting goes without saying (or should). You simply cannot operate a business to its capacity without an accurate budget. Many operators implement a budget for their business that is either unachievable or undervalued which results in underperformance of your business. This is because they may not have the market knowledge to set the benchmarks accurately or lack the understanding/knowledge to create one at all. Accountants will charge $1000’s of dollars to create what we can for you, and potentially, unless you have an industry specialist, will lack the understanding of the accommodation and management industry; resulting in more missed opportunities.

The 12-month budget we create for our clients are directly comparable to the market conditions your business is subject to. We use historic, live and forecasted local market ratios to determine the financial objective that suits your business in its entirety.

Our budgeting formulas and financial ratios will ensure you have realistic goals set out to strive towards, including the capacity to dissect into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily benchmarks; an essential aspect to gauge your
businesses performance in order to make the required adjustments to keep your business on the right track.

For further information on how we can help you with your financial budgets and reporting, contact us for an initial consultation.